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Frequently Asked Questions:

- What is hackersim2004?

Hackersim2004 simply is an hacking game. (It currently doesn't have a story so it's basicly a hacking game engine right now).

- What is Encrypter/ Decrypter ?

Encrypter/Decrypter is just a program to easly view the save files for debugging and editing.
All it does is you type in a encrypted line and click decrypt and it tells what it really says. It can do the same thing to encrypt.
With the new database save system this program is still useable with the password and money. Please note that the key is not the same!!! Will not work unless you get the new key and change it in encrypter/decrypter

- How can i install it on my PC?

Depending on if you want the source or just the installer.
- If you want the source goto the Download page and click on HackerSim SOURCE. When the download is complete extract the ZIP file and open the project and build it.
- If you just want the installer then goto the Download page and click HackerSim BIN. When the download is complete run the installer and install it to the path you want.

- What do i need to run it on my PC?

To run out HackerSim you must have the HackerSim exe file (obviously :))) ) and the .NET framework 1.1. (Can be found at Microsoft.com. Comes with Windows XP)

- On what OSes hackersim2004 does actually works?

Just in MS Windows OSes. It was originally written in VB so it is not portable... Sorry.

- Can i suggest a feature/report a bug?

Yes. You can suggest a feature or report a bug simply by posting in our message boards or writing to a developer about it. You can find our addresses on the Contact Us page.

- The program don't works on my PC!! HELP !!

If you get some error messages, report it to us by posting in the message board or emailing a devloper from the Contact Us page.

- Can i help the project?

YES ! YES! YEEEES! You MUST help us :)).
I f you want to help the project writing code, documentiation, or (for example) translate it into your language, don't hesitate! Go to the Contact Us page, and write the project manager.

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